Why Chinese like to take a western first name?

At the invitation of a large French company, I went to Kuala Lumpur in 2015 to provide a training for company’s 60 Asian sales staff: how to work effectively with Western peers?
Of the 60 people participating in the training, 20 were from mainland China, 6 from Taiwan, and 4 from Hong Kong, and other 30 from Japan, South Korea and India. During the teamwork, I suddenly found that half of the 30 Chinese from mainland, HongKong and Taiwan had Western names: Chris, Anna, James… Non of Japanese, Koreans and Indians took them.
When discussing with many Chinese, I get different answers:
1) Chinese names are difficult to be pronounced, they take it as they are very pracmatic; 2) Chinese are very open to other culture and adopt western name easily;
3) In Chinese history, many other cultures are assimilated by Chinese mainstream culture, so no worry to take other name; 4) Many Chinese have just lost their self esteem and take western name with no concern 5) or they take West as a model and just to resemble to Westerners ……