Afterwork on Oct. 29th, 2018: how to buy succssfully an appartment in Paris?

Young Chinese in France are seeking to buy an appartment. How to procede?

– Understanding the Paris Real Estate Market
– Difficulties with Buying in the French Real Estate Market
– How do I Invest for my Family or as a Business?
– Why Paris? Why now?
– Financing, Insurance and Taxes, how to save money?

Around these quesions, Chinform organizes an afterwork.

Subject: how to buy succssfully an appartment in Paris?
Date: October 29th, 2018 from 19:20 to 21:30
Place: in face of Cinéma Grand Rex (75009)
Nombre of place: 30
Price: 16 E/P. 6 E to be paid on line for booking and 10 E on spot

Ruben ELMALEH, French citizen
“After living in the United States for a few years 15 years ago, Ruben returned to Paris and began his real estate business for buyers and sellers, and in a short period of time, he grew his rental agency to over 250 rentals. Speaking multiple languages, Ruben has found success in working with international clientele in the very complex real estate market in Paris. He is an insider to the real estate community, and he has built a lot of wisdom to help foreigners interested in buying real estate in the Ile de France region. ”

Bryan SCHELL, US citizen
“With a background in private banking, investments and insurance, Bryan moved to Paris from the United States and began consulting for international clients. After meeting Ruben and learning about the need for professional real estate services in Paris, Bryan partnered with Ruben to bring essential services to buyers who want to invest or purchase a home for their family. He surrounds the client with all of the expertise they need to be confident when buying their real estate whether it is for personal use or business purposes.”

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